Why Hire A Celebrity Speaker?

Celebrity Talent Booking

There are several benefits associated with hiring a celebrity speaker for an advertising campaign. The best motivational speakers can boost attendance, conversion, staff morale and even general productivity. Remember that both your staff and the visitors will be watching to assess whether you are a serious organization. The caliber of the speaker you select will be an important indicator. For example; black motivational speakers will attract a lot of minority consumers.

Research undertaken by Mark Wilson of the University of East London found that:

“The most successful appeals and best celebrity charity relationships occur when the celebrity in question has a personal affinity, experience, or genuine understanding of the charity they are supporting, and furthermore, can speak with moral authority on the issues about which they are informing people”.
– Mark Wilson, Lecturer


Celebrity public appearances have the ability to take your event to a new level. A familiar face, let alone someone with prestige in their industry, will draw guests to your event and leave them with something to talk about the next day. The buzz about your event, cause or product will increase and the ripples will extend to a larger audience.


Prestigious speakers have the power to connect with your audience to make your platform mesmerizing and memorable – an experience your guests may never forget. As the “business of celebrity” is at an all-time high, booking a celebrity to speak at your program would make for an impressive event. Whether it’s discussing a lifestyle choice or a health issue – hiring a celebrity speaker will give a powerful voice to your cause or campaign.


Effective celebrity spokespeople have to ability to inspire audiences and give them a personal connection to your cause. Recruiting a celebrity speaker through The Amy Doner Group will help to attract, inspire, and leave a lasting impression for all of your stakeholders.


Hiring a Celebrity Speaker

We have listed some important considerations so that you do not waste your time and money.

  1. Take your time: Do not be rushed into getting the nearest person who will accept but instead use an effective booking agent. There are plenty of celebrities who earn quite a bit from these guest appearances. That means that you are not entirely at their mercy. In this way, you can select someone that knows their topic and presents in an engaging manner. Attendees like to listen to success stories, particularly if the speaker has successfully overcome some adversity. Motivational speakers are particularly popular and we offer some of the top motivational speakers for your event. The selection of a speaker or celebrity is a very important process to us. It is not just about how famous they are but the value that they can bring to your brand in terms of attendance, sales, and conversions.
  2. Do not just focus on a hot celebrity alone: Although celebrity is a valuable commodity that has a price in these contemporary times, it is not always appropriate for all functions. For example, you are hardly going to invite a singer to give a lecture on nuclear physics unless they are one of those very talented people who can transverse a diverse range of professions. Hence it is important to note that Mark Zuckerberg is an authority on social media but Britney Spears can more than hold her own when it comes to pop culture. The Amy Doner Group offers a wide range of talented public speakers and presenters and we are sure to have one that will suit your needs. Our volume buying arrangements and competitive pricing means that you can focus on putting on a magnificent show for all your guests.
  3. Stay current and relevant: Visitors come to events for several reasons including curiosity, education, and entertainment. This is why you must bring something fresh to the table. If you do so, then you will raise your profile and earn the respect of those that have been operating in the industry for a significant period of time. It also means that you will have a better audience in the future when you organize an event. We offer fresh and inspiring talent that will make your event a desirable one to mark on the calendar. Our industry connections and knowledge are second to none because we have arranged celebrity events on a regular basis for a range of causes. Because of the meticulous planning that goes into the entire process, the chances of early bookings and confirmations are very high. That means that the client is not spending an inordinate amount of time chasing the top motivational speakers.

Having taken care of the correct protocols for hiring a celebrity for an event, we can then consider the possible benefits of hiring a celebrity spokesperson.

Benefits of Hiring a Celebrity Spokesperson

Celebrities bring attendees

A good celebrity spokesperson inspires people to join your vision. You may have all the technical knowledge and even the financial means, but it is very difficult to get people to listen to you if you are relatively unknown. That is precisely where celebrities excel because they can capture the attentions of the audience in a unique way, a case in point being the use of celebrity chefs for cooking competitions. Their fans are already receptive to these luminaries so your brand or vision is gilded by association. Of course, the fact that a celebrity is gracing your event can be a source of pride and curiosity for the local community. This can swell your volume numbers significantly. For example; it would be a major scoop to attract Taylor Swift’s 70.9 million Twitter followers.

Celebrity attracts celebrity

The most effective way of earning the interest of celebrities is to successfully invite other celebrities. The entertainment industry is one in which everyone wants to be the most popular. You can take advantage of this desire for your moment in the sun. This is a cohort business which operates on the basis of very complex networks. Although making too many appearances is generally frowned upon, the celebrities do take notice of what is happening in terms of the people that are being invited to different parties. That will give them a clue about the things that are in vogue. If you are a popular brand or if your parties are popular then the chances are that you will find it very easy to attract other celebrities to the cause. A case in point is how Chevrolet used a series of celebrities (including Ian Somerholder, Alec Baldwin, Nikki Reed, Norman Reedus, and Olivia Wilde) to run its #BestDayEver campaign.

Celebrities can offer a fresh perspective

It is tempting to get wrapped up in our words, concerns and priorities whilst the world moves on. That is why previously successful companies sometimes end up on the heap of irrelevance. Their products and ideas were once good but they never made the effort to adjust to a constantly shifting and fickle new world. Celebrity guest speakers keep you on your toes by presenting your vision in a refreshing way, which can rejuvenate your organization and your public image. Some of the more involved celebrities are not happy to sit back and wait for someone to tell them how to look pretty on camera. They will give you some ideas about the product as well as their fan base. A case in point is how Shaun McBride brought some unique insights into the social media campaign that promoted Taco Bell’s Cap’n Crunch Berry Delights. One of the most challenging aspects of advertising is the need to make a connection with a fan base that is already preoccupied with the events in their favorite’s life.

Celebrities bring money

Above all, you will be amazed at the drastic improvement in your event sponsorship if it is attached to a major celebrity or a professional speaker. Sponsors are keen on those events that bring in the hot celebrities because they know that this is advertising revenue well-spent; not least because of the potential return on investment. Although the cost of hiring a celebrity or keeping them entertained is quite high; it is more than offset by the possibility that the mere presence of that celebrity will allow the money to flow in. Many talent agencies and companies make this calculation when they focus on premium celebrities that attract very high appearance fees. For example; it is hard to ignore the 10.5 million views that followed Justin Bieber-Calvin Klein Underwear video in the Spring season of 2015.

Celebrities are a magnet for financial and non-financial endorsements

We live in an age where purchasing decisions are partly determined through socialization. A perfume that has an average pedigree can be catapulted to stardom by the mere fact that it has the endorsement of a current and attractive celebrity. It is not very easy to get celebrities to endorse products. They require a cut of the final markup as well as appearance fees. At the same time, they will not want to be associated with poor quality products. Look for a celebrity whose endorsements sound genuine and appeal to the market segment that you have in mind. For example, there is no point in inviting an elderly national treasure to an event that is supposed to attract rebellious youth. The use of Felix Baumgartner’s skydiving credentials to promote Red Bull is an example of the perfect fit between the motivational speaker and the event.

For these reasons, you should consider the option of inviting a professional celebrity speaker when you next organize an event, launch your product, or wish to incite a media buzz.

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