Dorothy Hamill

Dorothy Hamill

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Celebrity Speaker For Hire: Dorothy Hamill

Dorothy Hamill is an Olympic gold medalist figure skater, renowned for winning the gold medal in the short and long programs during the 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria. That same year she won another gold in the ladies’ single category at the World Figure Skating Championships.

Hamill started skating at the early age of 8 and quickly realized that figure skating was her passion. She began taking private lessons and making sacrifices to get more time on the ice. She transferred to Colorado Academy and set up her schedule to revolve around her practices. In 1969 Hamill had her first national victory after she won the novice ladies’ title at the U.S Championships. At that time she was only a 12 year old girl. Following that victory she placed second in the 1970 Championship. These victories, along with others, proved that she was ready to compete internationally and she soon became a U.S champion. During her career she has won first place in the 1975-1976 Winter Olympics, a gold medal at the World Figure Skating Championship, and four gold medals at the U.S Figure Skating Championship. She also won gold medals at The Nebelhorn Trophy Competition, The Richmond Trophy figure skating competition, and the Grand Prix International St. Gervais.

After her days as an Olympic athlete had come to an end, Hamill became a headliner for the Ice Capades. She was named one of the most popular athletes in America by Associated Press. In 2013 Hamill appeared in the popular television series Dancing With the Stars.



  • In 1996 Hamill won gold medals at the Winter Olympics in Innsbruck and at the World Figure Skating Championships.
  • She took second place in the World Figure Skating Championships in 1973-1975.
  • Hamill won the U.S Figure Skating Championships three years in a row (1973-1976).
  • She invented her own move, called “the Hamill Camel”, a variation on the basic figure skating spin known as the “camel spin”.
  • In 1983 Hamill won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in the Performing Arts, for her role as the Hostess in Romeo and Juliet on Ice.
  • In 2000 Dorothy Hamill was inducted into the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame.

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