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Fashion trends fads surely come and go. Were shoulder pads, perms and gauchos hits or misses? Although what is now “in” changes over time – and often very quickly – fashion always seems to be in style. Fashion designers, models and writers are storytellers in their own right. They could have a unique and inspiring anecdote to tell about their first time using a sewing machine, having a beach photo shoot or reporting on an international fashion show for a magazine. When looking to hire celebrity speakers, consider recruiting someone from the world of fashion. You can practically guarantee the impact made will be “on trend.”

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Book a Celebrity - Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford

Celebrity Speaker For Hire: Cindy Crawford Cindy Crawford is the original "supermodel" who led the way for fashion models being defined as stars. Her all-American face and iconic beauty mark has appeared in over 1,000 magazine covers, including such major...

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Book a Celebrity - Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields

Celebrity Speaker For Hire: Brooke Shields Brooke Shields has achieved renown as an accomplished television, film, and theater actress and has found success as a model, author and businesswoman. After beginning her career as a model at the very tender...

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Book a Celebrity - Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke-Charvet

Celebrity Speaker For Hire: Brooke Burke-Charvet Brooke Burke-Charvet is a successful host, actress and entrepreneur. Her claim to fame comes from participating and hosting several popular television shows as well as being featured in several men's magazines such as Maxim,...

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Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano

Celebrity Speaker For Hire: Alyssa Milano Alyssa Milano is one of the most well known names in Hollywood, and has been in the public eye since her childhood. Her acting career began in theater with the role as the iconic...

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